Direct Fired air heaters

Xeamos is the specialist when it comes to the development and manufacturing of “direct” and “indirect” fired air heaters for specific applications. We have more than one hundred years of engineering expertise and know-how regarding:

  • Gas and combustion technology
  • Gas and liquid fuels
  • Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • Thermal behaviour of materials
  • Control system engineering
  • Safety standards (EN 746, NFPA, IEC 61508, PED) en risk assessment methods (FMEA, RA)

What are our heaters used for?

Xeamos heaters are used in:

  • Lifetime testing of sensors and heat exchangers
  • Industrial processes
  • Laboratory environments 


Low pressure heater up to 500 mbar

High pressure heater (PED, IEC 61508)

Standard-based systems can be supplied with the following specifications:

  • Back pressure up to 500 mbar
  • Diesel or LFO, natural gas or propane/butane
  • Thermal heat up to 150 kW (diesel, LFO) or 400 kW (gas)
  • Output temperature up to 1000°C
  • Turn-down ratio of 1:3 (liquid fuels) or up to 1:50 (gas fuels)
  • Control of delivered air temperature and mass flow

Special solutions can be supplied for:

  • Output temperature > 1000°C
  • Backpressure  from 0.5 to 10 barg under PED
  • Design according IEC 61508
  • Indirect fired air heaters (with heat exchanger)
  • Alternative fuels such as gasoline or syngas
  • Electrically powered air heaters
  • Higher or lower thermal outputs
  • Thermoshock testing


Heater duurtesten

Heater for lifetime testing

HP Burner control display

Controller display high pressure heater

If you have a question, our engineers will be happy to answer it!