Air heater for horticultural and agricultural applications


Holland Heater supplies heating and ventilation solutions for the horticultural and agricultural sector. Not only heaters for greenhouses, but also, for example, climate systems for battery hen houses and poultry farms. One of the most popular heaters from this global company has been developed by Xeamos.

Holland Heater came to us in 2007 with a clear request: develop a robust and basic air heater model that we can launch onto the market under competitive conditions. A nice challenge for our engineers!  

Excellent performance on all fronts

Thanks to our knowledge of combustion technology, we managed to develop a burner that performs perfectly and meets all requirements. In the first place: a great flame pattern even when using different gas types. In the second place: able to easily withstand dust and other conditions that you can expect in the agricultural sector. And to conclude: able to be produced at a low cost price.


Thousands sold

In addition to the product development, Holland Heater also decided to outsource the full certification process to us as well as the drawing up of all product documentation. The hot air blower has been in commercial production since 2009 and several thousand have already been sold globally.


Oil model

We also developed an oil model of this air heater as a follow-on project that can operate on diesel or petroleum. As is the case with the gas version, it is efficient, maintenance friendly, easy to install and dismount, and compatible with all current standards.  

“I'm more than satisfied about the way in which the Xeamos engineers arrived at a working prototype based on a list of requirements in a relatively short period of time. They even took all the relevant regulations into consideration. A fine example of outsourced development.”


If you have a question, our engineers will be happy to answer it!