At home with industrial applications

The Xeamos team has its origins in industry. In that environment, theoretical calculations and analysis are only meaningful when they can be converted to practical results. For this reason we are happy to offer our specific engineering capability for various projects and challenges related to combustion, thermo-dynamics and fluid dynamics. We have built up extensive experience in the following market areas and applications:

  • Rail-Infra (points heating, bar heating)
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • High-tech industry
  • Industrial direct air heating and drying
  • Industrial high-temperature processes

Xeamos works with the following engineering tools and facilities:

  • Analytical- and CFD software for thermo-dynamic and fluid-dynamic analysis
  • Modelling and data-acquisition with Matlab Software
  • Model-based engineering of control systems
  • 3D engineering with SolidWorks
  • Workshop for prototyping and testing
  • Measurement equipment and analysers for temperature, emissions, noise.    

Development of control systems

Control system engineering is the basis of each successfully engineered system. We are used to documenting all our projects so that all systems, tests and results can be reproduced later on. For example, at the start of a control system, we begin with a Functional Design Description and a Software Safety Requirements document for all safety-critical processes. All processes are then visualized by means of a P&ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagram) and a function block diagram before the start of the actual software programming. As a last step, a FAT and SAT program are defined and executed.    

Part of a P&ID

Function block diagram of a SCR DeNox system


 Project examples

The pictures below show some of the results of a feasibility study for alternative methods of railway switch heating (points heating) for the Dutch Railway Company ProRail.

CFD analysis points heating

Thermal imaging of points heating

Test set-up with ice

Temperature measurements

We also perform analyses for the high-tech industry and provide engineering support.

The picture above shows a pressure distribution case of a Wafer Clamp system


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