Field services

Technical systems require maintenance and after-sales support. The same applies to our SCR and Diesel Particle Filter systems. To support our customers we offer:

  • Supervision of installation work by others
  • Commissioning  
  • Service and maintenance
  • Telemonitoring

All our field engineers are VCA-VOL certified.

Besides maintenance and after-sales, we offer emission measurements and other types of measurements related to the combustion processes. However, we have no accreditation, which means that we can perform measurements to prove “compliance” but not for “certification”.

We offer the following services:

  • Emission measurements (NOx, CxHy, PM, etc)
  • Noise measurements and analysis
  • Thermal measurements and analysis

Emission measurements

The picture on the left shows one of our emission analysers. The picture on the right was taken during emission testing on a third party test bed.

Thermal measurements

With our thermal imaging camera we can analyse the thermal behaviour of insulation or heat dissipating parts for various applications. It is an easy method for locating hot spots on the outside parts of a system.

Noise measurements

We perform noise measurements with a professional analyser up to 1/12 octave band.

Results can be analysed by our software tools. By scanning and analysing the frequency domain, specific frequencies can be identified where additional sound attenuation is required.

If you have a question, our engineers will be happy to answer it!