Emission reduction generats combined heat and power systems

Energy generation

Be it banks, hospitals, production companies, etc, ever-greater numbers of organisations are using generators for their (emergency) power supplies. And since generators can often be found at locations where people live and/or work, the preferred option is that they meet strict emission requirements.

Xeamos' solutions are the perfect answer to this for both engine suppliers and importers or generator builders. Our DPF systems, in particular, are being used more and more often on generators.

Electrical regeneration and lower maintenance costs

Our DPF-E systems with electrical regeneration are very special. The power of the generator is often used within this context to keep the diesel particulate filter clean, something which considerably reduces maintenance costs. Through these types of intelligent solutions we assist generator builders to deliver a better product for the end user from a quality perspective and with a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

SCR systems for combined heat and power systems

In addition to our solutions for fine dust emissions, we also supply SCR systems for treating nitrogen-oxide emissions. At the moment, these systems are mainly being used in existing combined heat and power systems since they will have to deal with the tightened national or local emission legislation. However, in many countries, such as the Netherlands, stricter rules have been defined for combined heat and power systems in the area of NOx emissions.

Customised solutions tested in practice

We are well-known in the market for the customisation possibilities we offer. Intelligent system solutions that fit in seamlessly with the specific application as regards dimensioning and performance. Moreover, we do not just calculate in advance whether our solution meets all your requirements, but after delivery we also like to test the results in practice using professional measuring equipment.

  • Standard and customised solutions for emission reduction
  • DPF and SCR systems for generators
  • SCR systems for combined heat and power systems
  • Lower maintenance costs and a lower TCO

The right solution for every challenge

Examine and compare our systems for energy generation.

All systems

Marine Propulsion After Treatment

Our most popular solution for the maritime sector can also be deployed in this context. Compact, all-in-one or in-line after-treatment system for particulate matter and NOx reduction.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Active regeneration - Burner
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety bypass

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Selective Catalytic Reduction 

Compact NOx catalytic converter with integrated noise-reducing device.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Optional noise reduction
  • Standard MGO/MDO fuels
  • Optional spark arrester

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Diesel Particle Filter 

DPF system for particulate matter reduction. Compact diesel particulate filter with electric heater for active regeneration.

  • Active regeneration - electrical
  • Safety bypass
  • Optional extra noise reduction

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