Emission reduction industry


Be it engine test benches, compressors, locomotives, pump systems, fire-extinguishing systems, mobile cranes, etc, regulations are also becoming stricter and stricter for these applications. A few of these areas fall under the EU directive for Non-road Mobile Machinery (NRMM). This means that these machines and systems must meet strict requirements with regard to particulate and nitrogen-oxide emissions.

Separately from this issue, many companies are themselves taking emission-reducing measures to create a cleaner working environment or it is being imposed on them by local environmental by-laws. As a result of these factors, there is an ever-greater demand for our systems for industrial applications.

Delivery to OEMs or end users

We develop both DPF systems for fine dust reduction and SCR systems for nitrogen reduction. We usually do this on the instructions of OEMs, the original producers of the pump and power unit sets. However, we can also deliver directly to the end user if required, or if the end user wants to, or must, adjust his or her system based on stricter requirements.


The advantage of using Xeamos is that we can deliver customised solutions. A special application? An integrated system for fine dust and nitrogen reduction? Do you have a different engine load profile? Regardless of the quirkiest of requirements, we can always offer a suitable solution.

Wider framework

The orders we receive are often part of a larger overall project; for example, a project related to energy recovery. As an engineering firm, we like to take a constructive and proactive approach within this wider context with all the parties involved.

  • Standard and customised solutions for emission reduction
  • Compliant with EU directives
  • In accordance with local environmental rules
  • An eye for the total project

The right solution for every challenge

Examine and compare our systems for industry.

All systems

Marine Propulsion After Treatment

Our most popular solution for the maritime sector can also be deployed in this context. Compact, all-in-one or in-line after-treatment system for particulate matter and NOx reduction.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Active regeneration - Burner
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety bypass

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Selective Catalytic Reduction 

Compact NOx catalytic converter with integrated silencer.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Optional noise reduction
  • Standard MGO/MDO fuels
  • Optional spark arrester

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Diesel Particle Filter 

DPF system for particulate matter reduction. Compact diesel particulate filter with electric heater for active regeneration.

  • Active regeneration - electrical
  • Safety bypass
  • Optional extra noise reduction

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