MCS Marajo


The 135 metre long and 17.4 metre wide MCS Marajo belonging to Jan and Anita Drenth sails between Antwerp and Germersheim on a contract basis. The Marajo sails for more than 6,500 hours on an annual basis.

In 2014, and supported by the "Environmental measure SCR DeNox converters ‘subsidy programme of the Zuid-Holland province, Jan and Anita decided to green the two 1,520 HP CCR1 Caterpillar 3512 engines on their vessel.


At the start of 2015, an after-treatment system was integrated at the shipyard of Trico B.V. The Marajo was given an In-line model of the Xeamos MPAT system equipped with an SCR catalytic converter, oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. An Xeamos SFB burner system was also installed to support regeneration when running on low engine loads when sailing downstream.

The NOx emissions of the Marajo have now been reduced by approximately 80% and particulate emissions by more than 95%. The system could easily be integrated in the generous engine room of the Marajo and the existing silencers were also replaced as part of the new configuration.

Customer reaction:

Jan Drenth, owner: “If inland navigation wants to retain its advantages when compared to road transport, the sector will have to do something about harmful emissions. Although the regulations for the future are not yet clear, we still want to be ready. The 2014 subsidy programme of the Zuid-Holland province also made this financially attractive for us. After all, as an entrepreneur, you want to be a market leader.”

“We decided to use the MPAT system because it is robust and designed for the high number of sailing hours that the Marajo makes each year. The integration went very smoothly and according to the schedule. Everything had been prepared to the minutest detail and, so far, the Xeamos system has met our expectations.”


“The MPAT system is robust and designed for the high number of sailing hours that the Marajo makes each year.”


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