MVS Aqua Myra


The 110 metre long and 11.5 metre wide MVS Aqua-Myra belonging to Leo and Myra Verburg sails between Antwerp and Basel on a contract basis. Each year they clock up approximately 5,500 hours on the engine hour counter.

Supported by the "Inland Navigation Environmental Measures" subsidy programme, Leo and Myra decided to green the 2,000 HP CCR1 Caterpillar 3516 on their inland navigation vessel.


The selected solution was a compact model of the Xeamos MPAT system. This system is equipped with an SCR catalytic converter, oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. An Xeamos SFB burner system has also been installed to support regeneration while sailing downstream on low engine loads. At the start of 2014, when the class inspection was being performed, the system was integrated on the slipway of Scheepswerf Hoebee.

The Aqua-Myra had sufficient space in the vertical shaft and so we could easily replace the existing silencer by the new system. After doing our calculations, it also became clear that the existing supports were strong enough to safely support the higher weight. Thanks to the MPAT after-treatment system, the NOx emissions of the Aqua-Myra are now being reduced by approximately 80%, while the particulate matter is being reduced by more than 95%.

Customer reaction:

Leo Verburg, owner: “I believe that the environment is important. It is about investing in our own future and that of our children. However, it would be helpful for inland navigation if the various parties in the market would contribute more towards the choice for green technology. The Zuid-Holland province subsidy scheme has enabled us to invest in green technology and Xeamos offered a great all-in-one system for this that could be installed in the same space as the old silencer. After more than 12,000 hours, reliability is excellent and we are very satisfied.”

“We benefit greatly from the new system ourselves. The top of the deckhouse and the wheelhouse now stay much cleaner and, because the exhaust pipe protrudes straight up, we really benefit from the fact that the diesel smell and particulates have disappeared. The noise is also considerably less than with the old silencer. The Xeamos people also provide a great service. They can monitor the system remotely and the one time that there was a small issue, it was quickly resolved.”

“After more than 12,000 hours, reliability is excellent and we are very satisfied.”


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