MVS Zembla


In September 2015, the 135 metre long and 17.4 metre wide MVS Zembla belonging to Gebroeders Van de Wijgaart B.V. was launched. This inland navigation cargo vessel has two CCR2 main engines with an electric motor on both propellers. The electric motors for this hybrid drive are powered by a bow-mounted Caterpillar C32 generator that can deliver 994 ekW.

In order to ensure that they could comply with the strictest future emission standards in the port areas and Maasvlakte 2, Gebroeders van de Wijgaart decided to have the generator modified. This resulted in a Green Award Gold which entitled them to a discount on port charges. Importantly, the hours spent sailing solely on the main generator ensure an extension of the service life and the maintenance interval for the main engines.


The main generator has an Xeamos MPAT diesel particulate filter + SCR catalytic converter system. The MVS Zembla sails completely electrically in the port areas and while sailing downstream. In the electrical mode all exhaust gases are cleaned by the MPAT system. Particulate emission is reduced by more than 95% and the nitrogen oxides (NOx) by 80 to 90% so, with regard to harmful emissions, the Zembla can be compared to Euro V and VI trucks. However, the Zembla can carry up to 250 times as much compared to a single truck.

While, with regard to the environment, the SCR system contributes to smog reduction, the diesel particulate filters ensure that the crew and their immediate living areas are not affected by exhaust gases when the wind blows over the deck. This is an important benefit when viewed from an occupational health and safety perspective. And because of the lack of particulate deposits, there is also considerable less cleaning work to be done.

Customer response:

John van de Wijgaart, co-owner: “We want to be at the forefront of the market and so that’s why the Zembla has a hybrid drive. By providing the main generator with an Xeamos MPAT system, we can sail completely green downstream and in port areas. We already meet the strictest possible future regulations but we decided to go for Xeamos because they know what it's all about when it concerns inland navigation.”

“By providing the main generator with a Solfic MPAT system, we can sail completely green downstream and in port areas.”


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