Emission reduction other maritime vessels

Other maritime vessels

Our emission reduction systems are mainly deployed on inland navigation vessels and yachts. But because of the possibilities we offer with regard to customisation, we are being asked more and more often to develop emission-reducing solutions for other types of vessels, for example for IMO Tier III (IMO T3) vessels that sail in Emission Control Area's.  

Examples are offshore supply vessels, dredgers, patrol vessels, ferries, tug boats and pilot vessels. And for every type of these vessels, it is easy to come up with good reasons to reduce the levels of harmful emissions.

Sailing greener

For example, vessels that are deployed globally must comply with the regulations of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) that apply to Emission Control Areas. And, of course, for offshore supply vessels that are in charge of the maintenance of wind farms, the preferred option is that they themselves sail as "green" as possible. Furthermore, local residents and employees in urban areas benefit directly if the exhaust emissions of ferries are reduced to a minimum.

Strong in customisations and with a low TCO

We can supply customised solutions with regard to both the performance and dimensions of our systems. In particular, this last issue is highly appreciated by ship owners and shipyards because there is often little room in an engine room to integrate the additional units. The Xeamos systems are now well-known for their robust design and long service life. This means that you benefit from both low maintenance costs and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Installation and check

To ensure that our systems are integrated correctly, we supervise everything during the installation. We also perform different tests after delivery using professional measuring equipment. As a result, you can prove that you meet all emission standards, not only on paper, but also in practice!

  • Standard and customised solutions for emission reduction
  • IMO Tier III compliant
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Robust construction and long service life
  • Lower maintenance costs and a lower TCO

The right solution for every challenge

Examine and compare our systems for the maritime sector.

All systems

Marine Propulsion After Treatment

Our most popular solution for the maritime sector. Compact, all-in-one or in-line after-treatment system for particulate matter and NOx reduction.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Active regeneration - Burner
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety bypass

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Selective Catalytic Reduction 

Compact NOx catalytic converter with integrated silencer.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • IMO Tier III compliant
  • Optional noise reduction
  • Standard MGO/MDO fuels
  • Optional spark arrester

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Diesel Particle Filter 

Separate DPF system for particulate matter reduction. Compact diesel particulate filter with electric heater.

  • Active regeneration - electrical
  • Safety bypass
  • Optional extra noise reduction

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Emission reduction in practice

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