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Luxury yachts

For luxury yachts, a good diesel particulate filter system is not an issue of luxury, but an absolute essential. A yacht is often moored for many days and even weeks at the same location. In that case, the last thing you want to see are dirty deposits on the deck, stale sooty air around the ship, or greasy puddles on the water.

An important item to be addressed when selecting a diesel particulate filter unit is that the generators used in yachts are regularly running at a low level for long periods of time. This is something which requires active regeneration; a filter with a burner system that regularly increases the temperature of the exhaust gases in order to clean the diesel particulate filters. Xeamos also supplies diesel particulate filter systems with electrical regeneration for smaller generators.

Robust diesel particulate filters for luxury yachts

Xeamos' background is in burner technology. Based on this expertise, we have developed two basic systems that are extremely suitable for luxury yachts: the DPF-E and the DPF-S system. Yacht builders and shipyards are becoming more and more appreciative of these systems. And even more so because of the very robust design and the stainless steel construction.

Compliance with IMO Tier III regulations

The new regulations of the International Maritime Organisation set strict requirements with regard to nitrogen-oxides emissions. Depending on the nominal speed, an emission standard of, at most, 2 g/kWh applies in accordance with IMO Tier III in what is commonly referred to as Emission Control Areas such as the coastal areas of North America and the Caribbean. The consequence of this is that all engines with a power rating that is higher than 130 kW on yachts larger than 500 GT must have an SCR catalytic converter. We also supply robust systems for this that are designed for a long service life.

Flexibility and customisations

We are not the largest supplier of systems for yacht building, but we are probably the most flexible. This means that, if required, we can supply integrated solutions for a diesel particulate filter system and SCR catalytic converter, or have a silencer integrated into the SCR system. We are always happy to adjust the dimensions and connections based on your specific engine. We can also supply customised solutions for the system’s control and provide a connection with your alarm and monitoring system in various different protocols.

  • Standard and customised solutions for emission reduction
  • IMO Tier III compliant
  • Robust systems in a steel type of the customer's choice
  • Flexible partner for yacht builders and shipyards
  • Specific preferences can be integrated quickly

The right solution for every challenge

Examine and compare our systems for luxury yachts.

All systems

Marine Propulsion After Treatment

Compact, all-in-one after-treatment system for particulate matter and NOx reduction. Specific model for sulphur-containing fuels.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • IMO Tier III compliant
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst
  • Active regeneration - Burner
  • Noise reduction
  • Safety bypass

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Selective Catalytic Reduction 

Compact and robust NOx catalytic converter with or without integrated silencer.

  • SCR - DeNOx
  • IMO Tier III compliant
  • Optional noise reduction
  • Standard MGO/MDO fuels
  • Optional spark arrester

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Diesel Particle Filter

DPF system for particulate matter reduction. Robust diesel particulate filter with Solfic Fuel Burner for active regeneration.

  • Active regeneration - electrical
  • Safety bypass
  • Optional extra noise reduction

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Emission reduction in practice


Unfortunately, we cannot always refer to the name of the relevant yacht because of the confidential nature of our projects. We can, however, reveal certain details. They are two DPF-S systems that have been supplied for the MY Nero through our valued customer NPS Diesel. For more information click the link -  Refit DPF-S systeem

For an overview of supplied systems for luxury yachts up to now, please check our reference list:



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