Solfic - XEAMOS

At the beginning of February 2017 XEAMOS has been founded as a joint venture by NPS Diesel and Solfic Energy & Emission. A decade ago Solfic initiated an extensive R&D program to develop exhaust after treatment systems for specific marine and industrial applications and is a well-known solution supplier for marine engine emission reduction in The Netherlands. In the meantime NPS Diesel established an almost worldwide sales and service network for superyacht generators and a combination of both companies’ strength became obvious. The new company XEAMOS with experienced grass roots is based in the Netherlands and serves superyacht shipyards and owners as well as leading yards in the commercial sector.

XEAMOS aim is to offer and supply complete exhaust systems for luxury yachts and other demanding industrial and maritime applications. This includes wet exhaust systems as well.


The expertise of XEAMOS covers all relevant aspects, such as wet exhaust systems, hull penetrations, back pressure control, classification, safety, space constraints and noise & vibration requirements. XEAMOS solutions include Electrical Zero Soot Systems, Fuel Burner Zero Soot Systems, Zero Nox Systems and Dual Exhaust After Treatment Systems for propulsion and generator engines. XEAMOS specialty are custom engineered combinations of SCR, DPF and silencer.

Solfic remains an independent engineering company, however on the mid-term, XEAMOS will become the dominant brand. To serve all our customers in the best way possible, specific customers will be able to purchase through Solfic directly.

If you have a question, our engineers will be happy to answer it!