Let’s introduce… Daniël van Drunen.


A new face at Xeamos: Daniël van Drunen. From now on, Daniël is the new contact for all sales-related matters for the yacht business at Xeamos.

Daniël has many years of experience in the area of yachts and extensive knowledge about aftertreatment systems especially emission. All of these aspects ensure that you can have a great discussion with Daniël about technical and commercial challenges.

The best solution
Daniël: “It is important to understand what drives your customer. To me it is very important to study the buying process instead of focusing on the selling process. Selling and delivering products is great, but creating solutions is the ultimate goal.

Do you have any questions about new build and/or a refit? Then you've come to the right place by contacting Daniël. “The personal contact with the client is very important to me. During the pandemic this might not be possible in all cases, but I like to see what is possible. I am sure that together with the client we can find valuable insights and a great cooperation.”

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